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Classification of air compressor


Classification of air compressor

    A, According to the air compressor form is divided into:
    1, speed type;
    2, positive displacement type; Displacement is divided into rotary and reciprocating;
    Rotary type: (1) the rotor type; (2) screw type ; (3) the sliding vane type.
    Reciprocating type: (1) the piston type; (2) the diaphragm type.
    Air compressor according to the working principle can be divided into two categories, speed and displacement.
    Speed type: is to rely on the role of gas in the high-speed rotating impeller, get larger kinetic energy, then slow down sharply in the expansion pressure device, makes the kinetic energy into potential energy of the gas, thus improve the gas pressure.     Speed type mainly has two basic type centrifugal and axial flow.
    Positive displacement type: it is by directly compressed gases, gas volume was reduced and achieve the goal that improve the gas pressure and displacement according to the characteristics of the piston cylinder test is divided into two categories, rotary and reciprocating. Oxygen tank's most USES the positive displacement compressor.
    Rotary type: piston rotary motion, the piston is also known as become a cadre, the rotor different Numbers, different cylinder shape. Rotary consists of rotor type, screw type, sliding-vane, etc.
    Reciprocating type: piston reciprocating motion, assumes the circular cylinder. Reciprocating consists of piston and membrane type two kinds, one of the piston is currently the most widely used type.

    B, According to the exhaust pressure height is divided into:
    Low pressure air compressor: exhaust pressure ≤1.2MPa
    Medium pressure air compressor: 1.2MPa<exhaust pressure≤10MPa
    High pressure air compressor: 10MPa<exhaust pressure≤100MPa

    C, According to the air discharge is divided into :
    small-sized air compressor : 1m3/min<air discharge≤10m3/min
    Medium sized air compressor: 10m3/min<air discharge≤100m3/min
    Large air compressor : air discharge>100m3/min

    D, According to the center line of the cylinder and the ground relative position can be divided into:
    Vertical air compressor -- the center line of the cylinder vertical to the ground layout.
    Angle - type air compressor -- cylinder center line at an Angle with the ground (V, W, L, etc.).
    Horizontal air compressor -- Cylinder axis parallel to the ground ,Cylinder arranged at the side of the crankshaft.
    For dynamic balancing type air compressor -- cylinder center line parallel to the ground, symmetrical cylinder arranged on both sides of the crankshaft.

    E, According to the structure characteristics can be divided into:
Single-acting -- the gases is compressed only at the side of the piston.
    Double-acting -- the gases is compressed at both side of the piston.
    Water-cooling -- the cylinder with a cooling water jacket, water cooled.
    Air-cooling -- outside the cylinder surface with heat sink
    Stationary type -- air compressor unit is fixed on the foundation
    Mobile type -- air compressor unit in the mobile device for easy to move
    With oil lubrication -- oil lubrication within the cylinder ,The lubricating oil of motion mechanism circulate lubrication
    Oil-free lubrication -- oil-free lubrication within the cylinder, piston and cylinder are dry operate, but the transmission mechanism is oil circulating lubrication
    Oil-free lubrication completely -- transmission mechanism in the cylinder oil-free lubrication .In addition, is divided into a cross(small and medium size oil-free air compressor), no cross (V,Wtype low pressure micro air compressor); single-stage compression ,two-stage compression or multistage compression, etc.

    Frequently Used Terms
    Dew point temperature : keep the water vapour in the air unchanged ,but reduce the temperature . It is also used to show the amount of the water vapour ,the temperature of the dew point is more higher means the water vapour is more higher .
    Air discharge : the air discharge of the air compressor is free gas flow. Misunderstanding : the air discharge is not the gas flow from the outlet , but the free intake gas flow from the inlet in the standard conditions.

    Normally use m3/min or CFM to express 1m3/min≈35.6CFM