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全活性炭过滤器Post-processing equipments - Low dew point combined drying system

NT Series modular low dew point of compressed air drying system is composed of refrigeration dryer and adsorption dryer combination of low dew point drying equipment. Refrigeration dryer which has a very low gas consumption, low power consumption, small footprint, quick and easy installation and other significant advantages, but there is dew point temperature limitations; while adsorption dryer has the advantages of low dew, but regeneration gas big loss. Modular low dew point compressed air dryer combines the freeze dryer and adsorption dryer respective advantages, through reasonable with piping design and capacity, providing dew point lower than -70 ℃ ultra-dry air.

超低露点组合式干燥系统Main technology index :

Media :Air or nitrogen
Product low dew :-60℃(accept-70℃、-80℃customized
Adsorbent: Activated alumina and molecular sieve
Regenerative way: no hot regeneration
Regeneration gas consumption: 3% (under standard conditions)
Control mode: CPU (standard)
Works: A and B tower automatic switching, continuous work
Adjustable cycle: 4-10 min
Condensate PaiKou: Rc1/2 "(timing automatic electronic valve)
Installation method: indoor without base installation



Model Inlet gas pressure
Entrance temp.
Handling capacity
Connecting size Size
NT-1 1.0-10.0 ≤80 1-1.6m3 1.1 220/1/50 Rc3/4 " 1450×650×1310 250
NT-2 2-2.6m3 1.25 Rc1" 1600×950×1410 360
NT-3 3-3.8m3 1.5 Rc11/2" 1630×960×2000 450
NT-5 4.5-5.2m3 1.5 Rc11/2" 1830×1100×1740 630
NT-6 6-7m3 2.75 Rc11/2" 1780×1100×2040 720
NT-8 8-9m3 3 Rc2" 1880×1300×2050 860
NT-10 10-11m3 3.6 380/3/50 Rc2" 1880×1300×2130 920
NT-13 13-14m3 4.1 Rc2" 1880×1300×2470 1050
NT-15 15-16m3 4.1 Rc21/2" 1940×1450×2220 1180
NT-20 20-22m3 5.25 DN65法兰 2040×1600×2520 1390
NT-25 25-28m3 6.4 DN65法兰 2320×1700×2300 1690
NT-30 30-33m3 8.25 DN80法兰 2340×1800×2650 1900
NT-40 40-45m3 10.1 DN80法兰 2540×1800×2720 2450

1、Refer to the environmental conditions: Temp.≤38℃,1barA At atmospheric pressure;
2、The Company reserves the right to continue to improve the technology, parameter change without prior informed!
3、The dryer can retrofitting R407C or R134a Environmental protection refrigerant, but need customized ;
4、special specifications can be customized.